School Jotter

School Jotter

School websites in Ireland made easy

School Jotter is the leading school website system in the UK and Ireland. It is easy to use and enables schools to maintain and update their website with minimum effort.

Even the least computer-literate teacher can quickly and easily update a School Jotter website, anytime anywhere. Webanywhere create a professional school website, schools can then make updates (with the help of our experienced support team if required). The intuitive uploading and editing tool enables teachers to put the latest news and resources online in an instant.

Your school is able to represent its unique values and achievements by choosing an attractive bespoke design and site structure. You will create a hub that teachers, pupils and parents (both current and prospective) will love visiting. Not only can you demonstrate your school's unique values and community online, but you will also be able to publish the achievements of your pupils, run fundraising campaigns, publicise events and host resources. We also have a School Jotter mobile app! This app allows parents to receive notifications on their smartphone in real time when a news story is added to the website. Also, with the help of web statistics you will be able to analyse the visitor flow to your website and spot any emerging trends.

Open days, staff directories, exam results or relevant school news - everything can be displayed in your School Jotter website, which acts as your schools front window. School Jotter enables you to publicise your school and improve communication between home and school, all without a significant ongoing investment of time and effort

Getting started

To introduce and set up School Jotter in your school is easy. Once we have designed your school website according to your wishes, we provide you with full training and support in order for your staff to be able to maintain and update your school's website. After the initial training we will continue to support you - unlimited support is available via telephone, email and live chat.

Because of our full, unlimited support service even the least technically-minded users will be able to contribute to the school website.

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