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Moodle services in Ireland from the experts at Webanywhere. We are an official Moodle Partner in the UK and Poland. We have designed and implemented hundreds of customised virtual learning environments (VLE) for clients in the education sector, not-for-profit sector, the commercial sector and the government.

Why Moodle is a Great Choice?

Moodle is open source, and is the worlds most popular and most used virtual learning environment (VLE). No licence fees are required and the platform is highly customisable according to the needs of the users. The Moodle community of users and developers reaches around the world, contributing to this open source platform by adding new functionality and new plugins on a daily basis.

Why Webanywhere is a Great Choice?

We have a wealth of experience as we have implemented the Moodle VLE in hundreds of schools, training organisations, colleges and businesses around the world. We are able to provide the full range of Moodle solutions for schools, business and other organisations in Ireland - from consultation and theme design, to implementation, training and support. We are the only Moodle Partner to be appointed to the UK Government procurement service as a supplier of learning platforms, having demonstrated the quality and value for money of our Moodle services.

Moodle for Education:

Moodle services for education providers and businesses

  • Solutions specific and applicable to every age group.
  • Tailored technical development and attractive designs.
  • Ability to be integrated with other tools such as Capita SIMS and Google Apps for Education (we are an Authorized Reseller).
  • Full-time Moodle specialists with expert knowledge of the platform.
  • Education professionals with expert insight regarding the needs of schools and colleges, and the successful implementation of and continued engagement with a VLE.
  • Our training is also tailored to your needs and you will always have our support via live chat, telephone and email.
  • Trusted Moodle provider to hundreds of schools and colleges.

Moodle for Business:

Platinum Partner of Totara LMS - Moodle for the Corporate sector

  • Expert analysis of business requirements and the development of custom-built LMS solutions.
  • We have a separate division dedicated to Moodle / Totara LMS clients in the corporate sector.
  • Helping businesses in Ireland to lower costs and improve staff performance through e-learning.
  • Integration with other existing business management systems.
  • We have a very good understanding of how e-learning supports green business practices, commercial agendas, compliance and corporate social responsibility.

Moodle vs Totara

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