Engage pupils, inspire teachers

Learnanywhere is revolutionising classrooms in Ireland. This online school VLE allows teachers to share resources with others, to plan their lessons and to create tasks for their pupils. Learnanywhere is a learning platform that engages pupils with multimedia learning tools, provides a communication channel with teachers outside of the classroom and allows tasks to be completed, returned and saved online.

Learnanywhere is fun and very easy to use virtual learning environment (VLE), designed specifically for the needs of Primary education. It brings lessons to life with interactive quizzes and games, videos, audio and images. Teachers also save time as content that is uploaded can be stored, edited and reused the following year, building a valuable online archive of resources. The Learnanywherre Cirrus resource hub allows teachers to access and upload ready made teaching resources made by other teachers, saving time and pooling knowledge across the Learnanywhere community. Self-marking tests can also be created, cutting down on marking time, with results automatically saved to learner profiles. Because Learnanywhere is an online learning platform, pupils have access anywhere, anytime which means that parents are able to engage more in the learning and school activities of their child.

Learnanywhere gets full marks for being an easy to use learning platform which engages pupils and inspires teachers.

Getting started

We provide full training and support right from the start. We make sure that you, your teachers and your pupils are confident in using the platform. Many curriculum-based resources are also available for your various classes, helping you save time and establish the platform as a well used part of the school routine.

We also provide unlimited support. This means that you are never left to yourself and that even the least technically-minded staff members will get the support to confidently use the platform and enjoy working with it.

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