Learner Journey

Learner Journey

Our e-portfolios provide learners in Ireland with a safe and secure online environment to showcase and share their achievements with their teachers and classmates.

Learning nowadays goes beyond pen and paper, meaning traditional student portfolios are outdated. Today's portfolios need to be able to also include digital media such as images, videos and audio, which are increasingly used for learning purposes online. These e-portfolios for students have to be accessible anywhere, anytime and need to be extendable throughout a student's lifetime.

As social networking becomes increasingly popular in Ireland, especially among younger students, teachers and parents alike are seeking a social networking site that is monitored and has built-in e-safety systems for secure social learning.

What makes it so powerful?

  • Students can personalise their e-portfolio in a way that reflects their knowledge and learning experiences. The pages are customisable: students can choose from a number of colorful themes, and the drag and drop functions make the feature rich e-portfolio very easy to use.
  • Communication and interaction between students is encouraged through the social networking functions. This enables them to support each others learning, collaborate on projects and share knowledge.
  • With teachers and students in mind, Learner Journey was designed to be as easy to manage as possible, with an intuitive interface and simple administrative functionality.
  • As Learner Journey is accessible anywhere, anytime students are given the opportunity to easily showcase and share their work and achievements with parents and other family members.
  • Give your students ownership of their work.

Being a web based e-portfolio, Learner Journey is a versatile alternative to traditional paper based portfolios. These portfolios can be accessed by students from home or anywhere they can connect to the Internet. For students of the same school, social networking functions encourage collaborative learning and the exchange of information regarding school work and events.

Why should we use Learner Journey at our school?

Schools ask us why they should use a separate e-portfolio if they are already using a VLE? Some functions of Learner Journey are also included in other VLEs, though, often they are not as accessible for students outside of their school. The fundamental difference between both platforms are that an e-portfolio is a student's personal online space that is used for reflective learning and a VLE is an extension of the classroom. In addition, students moving between schools are not able to take the VLE with them but have to use the one present at the new school; Learner Journey on the other hand provides the student with a lifelong portfolio to which they can add their work and achievements throughout their entire academic career.

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